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Corfu is identified with Homeric island of Feakes, the grate Kingdom of Alkinoos, even if there is no evidence to prove it. Philological sources with reference to many names, as Sheria, Drepanie, Makri, Feakia, Korkira, Kerkira (Corfu).

According to an ancient legend, Corfu was a nymph, that Poseidon brought to the island. The name Feakia was given by his son's name Feakas.

The island's habitation started at the old-lithic time (30000-70000 BC). Durring the 8th century BC Eviis settled in the island a colony. Later at about 708-706 BC emigrate Hersikrates, the leader of the Corinthian political fugitives.

The Corinthian settlement was built at the peninsula of Canony, to the Palaiopolis area, and they brought habits, worship of Gods and the system of government with them. There was a fast development and the island acquired navy strength.







The pharmacy stores of Corfu are open to the public during the store hours. Some of them are open 24 hours a day. The pharmacy stores that are closed must have a catalogue near the entrance to inform you about the open stores and where you can find them.


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Road help of Corfu :

Elpa Tel: 104,Express Service Tel: 154,Hellas Service - Tel: 157

Marina of Corfu:

There are daily ferries from Corfu, Igoumenitsa, Kefalonia, Paxos, and Mourto. Tel: 26613-65200

Airport Corfu:

Corfu, Τel. 26630 89600 Airport Kapodistrias Corfu Tel. 26610-30180




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