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Agios Georgios



The beach takes its own name from the beautiful church of St. George. Located in the northwestern part of Corfu between the famous Paleokastritsa Beach and Arillas Beach. It is embraced by two green mountains and have rich sands. In the center of a creek ends which is the basement when it reaches the beach. The waters are the perfect depth for swimming and playing in water. The rare clarity of the water can make the vision of the seabed even in very deep. Considered one of the most clean, quiet and beautiful beaches of the island and has been awarded the Blue Flag. Gathers tourists who love tranquility and cleanliness while for the athletic visitors have subtle but rich water sports. In Agios Georgios beach you can enjoy the latest and most beautiful sunset in Greece.

Around the beach there are several places where one can make walks or jogging. The beach of Agios Georgios beach is reached in which Odysseus in Homer. At the river that crossed the sands appeared naked in front of Odysseus Nausicaa which he washed with maids outfits. The beach of Agios Georgios is located approximately 700 meters from the "Hotel Magdalini".


On the way to the beach there are Super Market, Mini Market and several shops.


You can try delicious Greek and Corfiot dishes in restaurants and fresh fish at the taverns. The Corfiot cuisine has many traditional dishes:

  • "Sofrito" small slices from roast veal, with spicy sauce of garlic.
  • "Pastitsada" pasta with veal cooked in red spicy sauce.
  • "Bourdeto" fish usually scorpion cooked with red sauce and red pepper.
  • You can also taste "Mandolato" white pastry of Corfu.
  • "Koumkouat" is a liqueur, from strawberries and a small Japanese orange.
  • "Tsitsibira" soft drink, tastes like beverage. Finally we suggest tasting the grate wines of Corfu

Finally, we suggest you try the wines of Corfu


Along the beach there are a lot of music bars and a night club.You can also hire cars and bikes in reasonable prices.





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